Re-linking files from HD to Dropbox via Boxifier


Subfolders inside the folders in my Boxifier folders.
For example: Inside my Boxifier folder is a folder called mfw. Inside that folder are many many other folders.


The Boxifier subfolders need to stay checked in order for them to sync. What is the reason why you want them to be unchecked?


I was following the instructions (from earlier in this help-thread) to re-link files from HD to Dropbox via Boxifier, because the Boxifer folders were not syncing. I have now shut down everything, rebooted, turned Dropbox off and on again, to see if that will help. It might be working (I’m waiting). Thanks.


I followed the instructions for selective sync and tried the method above to re-link the folder. I get this message … “Error code: E8500034”


You receive that message because the folder that you are trying to re-link is probably not unchecked in Selective Sync settings. It needs to be unchecked before you can re-link it.


Similar situation. I am using one external drive to carry along files and work on them on two computers. I am experiencing during the first changes, that dropbox on the second computer starts downloading all the files from the dorpbox cloud with no regard they already exist on the external hard drive. Any sugestion?


On the second computer are those files downloaded in the Dropbox folder or on the external drive?


On the external drive. It is the same drive i synced on the first computer, than I shut everything down and click on the second computer, plug in the same external drive and start dropbox and boxifie.


I believe dropbox is downloading them and re saving them on the external hard drive. There is not a new directory created.


Thank you for the details, Manfred. Are those downloaded files stored as conflict files or do they just replace the corresponding files on the external drive?


I have not received any notice about conflicts. The files appear to be only reviewed and saved again. My concern is about the time consumed and the amount of data that is being transfered with no sense.


The team will try to reproduce and look into this. I will update this thread as soon as we have more details.


What indicates that Dropbox is downloading them? Is the Dropbox client reporting any downloads? A screenshot would help a lot.


Attached the screenshot with the external HD file which I synced on another computer and now connected to the laptop.
You can see some files already sinced and others in syncing mode.
You can also see that dropbox is downloading all the files, not only indexing.
I also attach the drop box file directory and the boxifie directory.
I will appreciate your comments.

Can´t attach any files here
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There are the screen shots