Re-linking files from HD to Dropbox via Boxifier


My computer crashed and I had to reinstall dropbox and boxifier pro. Before the crash I had folders from my NAS drive linked to dropbox via boxifier. Now, that I’m up and running again I’ve reinstalled dropbox and boxifier. I would like to re-sync the same folders from my NAS drive dropbox via boxifier. These folders already exist in my dropbox account, dropbox/boxifier. When I check off boxifier in dropbox selective sync prefererences and select “ok” dropbox starts downloading the files from my Dropbox account to my HD which I don’t want. What is the process for re-linking my folders from my NAS to my Dropbox account via Boxifier?

Before the crash, when I setup Boxifier for the first time everything worked great because the folders I was syncing did not already exist in my Dropbox account. However, now the folders already exist in Dropbox/boxifier. So when I enable selective sync the folders and all the contents start downloading to my harddrive c:/ …/dropbox/boxifier/ …


I agree that the process of re-linking is not yet as intuitive and easy as we would like to, but it is our goal to improve it with the next versions of Boxifier.

I will contact you via e-mail with instructions on how to re-link the folders.


If you can send me that email soon that would be appreciated. Thanks


Why you like to help via email, why not in forum? Public help could help someone others too.


Great question!

Sometimes a one-to-one session via e-mail or remote support can be more helpful in solving some of the issues. This also gives us more insight into how the product is used so that we can better prioritize work when improving the product.


I have the same problem. My computer was sick and the computer shop removed Boxifier as part of the process of checking what was wrong with it. Now my computer is fixed I need to re-link the folders on Dropbox with the folders on my external drive. If you could send me the instructions for this that would be greatly appreciated.


Razvan thanks for all the help. All files are now re-linked and working well. Hopefully, this becomes a simpler process in the future.


Hi Razvan & Bogdan,
exact same question here. Need to re-link some folders after reinstall.
Please send me some brief instructions.


Looking for instruction as well.

these are my goals

1.Have network HD setup with boxify
2.Would like to plug in network HD directly to USB to faster dropbox syncing (really moving link from network to local)
3.Replug HD to network(redirect boxify to network)


Hi there, same stuff here.

Would like somebody to explain me how to do it. Razvan, please.



Would you please send me the same instructions? Thanks! :blush:


…Had the same problem, following HD crash and the inevitable re-build. Now I’d like to link to the same folders. Can you advise please?


Hi I am facing the same problem. Please advise how this can be resolved.


I am having the same problem as well. Please could you send me an email on this issue. Many thanks


This is what I meant: if the instructions are on displayed here, this topic would not be filled with requests for help. That way most of forums works.


Hello everyone,

An update is in the works which makes re-linking easier.




Can you please email me the steps I have to do to relink folders?



Dear Razvan,

Please, can I get also email with these instructions? I can wait for the upgrade, but if I have instructions now, it would save me great deal of time.




Same problem - please send instructions ASAP. Its re-syncing everything down, but I’m afraid to do anything to stop it, as I don’t want the original source files to be deleted.


Same here ^^’

Is it possible easily ? If it is, posting temporary instructions here would be nice :smile: