[FIXED] Dropbox having issues syncing subfolders

I am having exactly the same issues described in the first post trying to sync file on NAS.
Files in root folder syncing but all sub-folders empty. Dropbox trying to sync files but show error message “access denied”. Please can you send the fix described.



Hi Billy,

I just wrote you an e-mail about it.


Sounds like I have a similar problem - Dropbox can sync files in the boxified folder fine
but has problems syncing anything in subfolders thereof. There is an error message
"syncing 50 files … can’t sync file1, (access denied)

could you send me the fix ?



Hi Tony,

Just sent you an e-mail.


Hi Razvan

The fix worked for me that you sent - thankyou

My question is does the new critical patch that is required for compatibility to the new version of drop box have this ‘fix’ built in as well? Or will I be back to square one?

I have disabled Drop box pending an answer here, as I dont want my all my uploads deleted as I have read has occurred elsewhere

Many thanks

Hi Marty,

Yes, the new version includes this fix.

I am having this issue, I am on the current version of Boxifier and Dropbox. Assistance?

Hi Carl,

I’ve just contacted you by e-mail so that we can take a look at this and fix it.


I have the exact same problem!
Razvan can you send me the fix?

Hi there,

What is the installed version of Boxifier on your computer? Are you using the latest setup from the website?


Hi, I have just upgraded to 1.0.22 and it seems to be working.
Is that the latest version?

Yes, that is the latest version. Glad to hear that it works now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

Hi, I am having the same issue in which I have to shut down DropBox and then reload for it to recognize there are new files to sync. I just purchased a WD My Cloud WDBCTL0030HWT Personal Cloud Storage NAS and bought Boxifier so that I could have an automatic backup the files which aren’t on my laptop. Thoughts? Thanks.

Hi David,

Could you please tell me more about this? What is the Boxifier version installed on your computer?


Thanks, Brogdan, for the response. I am running Boxifier 1.0.22 with DropBox 3.8.5 on Windows 8.1.

Also, since I installed Boxifier on my machine a week ago, I’ve now had my laptop three times go to a blue screen with an error message and completely reset/reboot, all three times while I was remote (i.e. not on my home network where my NAS is located). When it happens again I’ll report the error code because I didn’t catch it previously since I wasn’t looking out for it.

In the meantime, your help with the issue of the DropBox updating automatically would be appreciated.

Could you please install the latest (1.0.23) from the website? It improves Windows 10 support and fixes a bug which could cause some crashes.

Here is the link: http://www.boxifier.com/Boxifier-Setup-1.0.23.exe

Please let me know how that one works. Thanks!

I have just purchased the pro license and trying to.sync a network folder (on a external hard disk connected with my router). The folder and subfolder have synced but not the files within the sub folders. I am running windows 10. Pls help.


Hi Ashish,

This usually happens when you are syncing a large folder and the indexing (scanning the contents of that folder) hasn’t completed. The way the sync works is that it first creates the folder structure and then it starts syncing the files. That’s probably why you see the sub folders but no files yet.

What does the Dropbox tray icon say if you put your mouse over it?

How big is the folder that you are syncing?


I have the same problem. I need to sync 2 big folders. One of 500GB and the second of 40 GB.
I am using IOMEGA ix2-200 firmware 2012-04-17 18:31. It is connected to the LAN and I have mapped those folders as folders in my laptop. I am using Boxifier version 1.0.23
I am using Dropbox Version 3.10.16.
I always see the message Downloading the File List… Indexing … Uploading 172 files.
My dropbox hasn’t increase in the last week. It only uploded the folder structure, almost all folders are empty. It is like the Boxifier didn’t exist. The Dropbox Icon is always in sync mode.