Boxifier no longer creating folders, only .lnk shortcuts


At some point during the last week, Boxifier no longer was creating folders to upload to Dropbox, and it only putting .lnk folders in my Dropbox for my Boxified folders. This is preventing me from accessing the Boxified folders on Mac (Mac only shows a .lnk file, which is not accessible), as well as Dropbox web (.lnk files only).

I tried to remove all existing folders and start all over with new Boxified folders but no luck.

Any idea what’s going on?



Hello Matt,

We identified an incompatibility between Boxifier and Dropbox and are working to release a fix for it. That incompatibility is the reason why you are experience this issue.

A fix is scheduled be released in the following days.

Best regards,


Thanks. Is this affecting all users? Who is Sebastian?!


Thanks. Is this affecting all users?

This is affecting some of our users who have a specific kind of Dropbox configuration.

Who is Sebastian?!

Apologies, I accidentally replied here instead of this thread.


Hows the fix coming along ?


Hello, the fix is now in private beta tests, preparing to be released.