Dropbox is blocked by (shortcut).lnk


For a long time Dropbox and Boxifier worked together withou problems.

Since a few days no folder or file is synced to dropbox.

Dropbox 85.4.155
Boxifier 1.7.0

Dropbox is syncing files and folders in the folder “dropbox”. If i ad the folder “example” to boxifier by right mouse-click “boxifier-sync with dropbox” the folder is added to boxifier. Boxifier notes that “example” is now syncing with
your dropbox. But in Status is shown Dropbox 85.4.155 “example (shortcut).lnk” wird indexiert…

an nothing happens. What can i do?

Thanks for your help,

Boxifier no longer creating folders, only .lnk shortcuts

Hello Sebastian,

We identified an incompatibility between Boxifier and Dropbox and are working to release a fix for it. That incompatibility is the reason why you are experience this issue.

A fix is scheduled be released in the following days.

Best regards,