Add option to disable checking for updates

I don’t care about new updates. I don’t want new updates. The program already did what it said on the tin when I bought it and I don’t need anything else.

The nag screens are beyond the pale, offensively disruptive and constant. If I don’t want to update I should not be bombarded with popups. They’ve interrupted films, brought older games crashing down and interrupt my typing on a regular basis. One would be too many and it needs to stop.

If this isn’t fixed by the time it’s time to renew my license I’ll just pirate the software instead. If it’s going to behave like freeware I’m gonna treat it like freeware. There MUST be an option to disable the nag popups.

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Another user here. Since Dropbox is constantly changing and it’s really important that I keep files synced, my vote would be to make the free update notification as aggressive as possible. Also, as a developer, I know that good software is not static, and I like cashing in on the free bug fixes. Thanks for continuing to maintain the software!

There’s absolutely no reason it shouldn’t be a toggle, like every other program in the world.

That might be a nice feature. If people wanted to take the risk of having Dropbox software update and not receive a corresponding critical update to Boxifier, let them have issues. Darwinism, I say.

Speaking of nagging notifications, NOTHING is worse than the Windows 10 nagware. LOL

There’s that. But yes, so long as the option to check for updates/nag at you to download them were enabled by default there’s no reason there shouldn’t be a toggle to disable it.

It ruins my gaming experience (has screwed up No Man’s Sky several times) and while I do keep my software up to date I prefer to set aside some time once a week or so to update things on my own schedule.

One solution when running games would be to quit Boxifier from the tray icon menu. This way you would make sure that it won’t display the update notifications.

Agreed, I’ve resorted to that, but it’s suboptimal and users shouldn’t have to work around nag screens from any software, let alone paid software.

Installing the update would make the update notification go away and you wouldn’t need to close Boxifier when running games. It is a maintenance update offered to you for free and it helps make sure that Boxifier works as expected with the latest version of Dropbox.

I shouldn’t have to comply with nag screens to make them stop.

Annoying the customer into doing what you want them to is a good way to drive away customers. This is the sort of abusive, borderline malware behavior that drives free antivirus software fashions and I am absolutely fine with just pirating the software when my license expires if it’s going to treat me like a free user no matter what I do.

I recognize that there’s a valid reason to nag by default, but users absolutely should be able to uncheck a box, perhaps with some sort of ‘not recommended’ warning, to disable that. There is not an either/or choice between not making sure customers know that updating ASAP is recommended or not updating; everyone can have their cake and eat it therefore that should be the case.

I do understand your point here. Most people appreciate the update notifications, but we can always do a better job. Thank you for the valuable feedback.

I paid for Boxifier and IMHO if there is even the slightest risk ( even for one file out of the 6gb current Dropbox space availability I have ) that an update by Dropbox will cause the currently running Boxifier to clash with Dropbox in some way that causes files issues then as far as I am concerned there MUST be an update notification to say that an updated version should be downloaded and installed.

If others want to risk losing or trashing files then let that be on their own head - give them an option to disable the update notifications and clearly show on the app that disabling the update notifications may potentially leave the user files at risk.

I understand that the paid for version, and did when I tested the original trial version, effectively ‘piggybacks’ on DropBox and relies on the correct integration with the current version of the DropBox application and the associated API… so correct versions are essential.

Awesome. You’d be free to simply leave that option enabled, and I’d be free to take my chances.

I really hope that Boxifer has to be updated only when there is actually proper need to update, not when only Dropbox stable version number is bumped up. I am quite sure there is no always technical need to update Boxifier when Dropbox has change/fixing something inside Dropbox. Am I completely wrong about this?

I hate all that indexing and so on my 1 TB Dropbox after updating Boxifier (or Dropbox maybe).

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I would like to hear an answer from this too (@ question of neko)

How would you define “a proper need to update”?

Oh come on! This was totally worst that I ever got from “support”. I do not have to define that, I am quite sure you knew what I ment.


Boxifier needs testing to make sure it works with the latest Dropbox once that is released.

It is better to prevent than to repair any potential damage caused by a future Dropbox update. We care about your files and keeping them safe, even if this means Dropbox would need to re-index them once in a while.

Actually I was really interested in your opinion on this and I preferred asking instead of assuming, as it was not clear from your question what you had in mind.

I think he meant an actual need to update; e.g. it’s update or definite calamity.

We can not know in advance whether a future Dropbox version will break integration with Boxifier and cause damage or not. That’s the reason why current versions of Boxifier are not allowed to work with future/unknown versions of Dropbox.

When a new Dropbox version is released, that needs to be tested to make sure it works with the current Boxifier.

Therefore, to answer the original question from @neko:

An existing Boxifier version is unable to know in advance if there is “a proper need to update” when running with a newer/unknown version of Dropbox. It needs to be tested first. That is why the suggestion was unclear in the first place and the reason why @Razvan asked for more details.

That being said, we are continuously working on improving the update mechanism. For now, the best solution we found was to prevent current version of Boxifier from running with a newer/unknown version of Dropbox and notify when an update is available.

Some of our users have firewalls installed or other pieces of software that sometimes prevent Boxifier from checking for updates and that is why we prefer to block newer/unknown versions of Dropbox until a new update is installed. This prevents potential damage.