Add option to disable checking for updates


First, I want to apology for all that I wrote. I miss understood something wrong and I have bad day already. I’m sorry for that what I wrote.

I understand that procedure better now. This is definitely better than for example lost files locally or from Dropbox etc.


I understand the update procedure, it’s a safe way to assure there is no damage to our files, but isn’t it possible to integrate an automated test like this:

  1. do all operations possible, check outcome …
  2. if a test fails, follow standard procedure, if all tests pass, allow continuation of boxifier

Or is that too much dangerzone.


@bogdan: I understand very well the concern of “prevent any problem rather than fixing them”.
Still the re-indexing time is quite annoying (especially in my case where I am constantly uploading a host of fast-changing small files), plus I can imagine several cases where people will not want to update

  • security intensive workplaces where software has to be validated before install
  • cannot deal with the lag time between Dropbox update and boxifier update (see [FIXED] Disable dropbox updates (Howto + feature request)), especially when you rely on dropbox as sole backup solution
  • big amount of data, slow storage, expensive storage bandwidth, as you can find in medium to big companies, where indexing time will be a real pain

IMHO the best compromise would be to add a simple option to opt-out of updates, as many softwares do, with a clear warning on the risks.

Maybe you can also rely on dropbox version numbers, assuming that minor versions will be less likely to break compatibility.

Note that I would be satisfied with a “hard block updates from both Dropbox and Boxifier”, through firewall or the like; but most people would probably not.


Can notifications of required updates be distributed by other fashion than tooltips in the tray?

We run Boxifier as a service on Windows server, and we are missing the notifications because noone uses that as a desktop.

So, until automatic updates can be opted into, can you provide an alternative alert service (at a minimum by email) for our IT to be notified when an update is required?


Yes, this is coming soon.


This is still happening. I will be pirating this software instead of buying it next time. I don’t pay for software I can’t order to stop harassing me and interrupting my games and movies.


I will check with the team and get back to you on this.


Talked to the team. Turns out this has been implemented, but not surfaced in the user interface. It is available with Boxifier 1.5.25 which will be soon pushed to the update channel.