When will updates to Boxifier become Automatic vs Manual


We run Boxifier for Windows Server to synchronise between our Dropbox Business and our File server.
This synchronisation is interrupted from time to time, apparently when boxifier needs to be updated, manually.
As Boxifier runs as a service instead of someones desktop, we only find out about this when people report they are missing files, this is very unfortunate.

As we are using this for sharing files with clients, we need a resolution asap, else we need to find another synch solution.

When is a resolution for this problem expected from Boxifier?


Same here. I understand this is mostly explained by Dropbox update behaviour, but I am sure there is the way to turn-off the updates by stopping Dropbox Update Service (or whatever it is called).


Yes, there is a way. More details will come with the next update today.


Excellent. We have stopped the Dropbox update for now, but a more structural solution would be very welcome.


Please see this for more info: