What is a protected folder?



Please could you describe exactly what a protected folder is? Does it prevent deletion from the Dropbox website etc or only local files etc etc?

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Hi Tur,

When you mark a folder as protected, deletes and updates made from other devices linked with your Dropbox account or from Dropbox.com will be rejected by Boxifier when synced down to that folder.

So if you accidentally delete a file from a protected folder using Dropbox.com, when that delete will be synced down to the folder Boxifier will see that folder is a protected one so it will reject the delete and the file will re-appear in your Dropbox account.

Hope this makes it more clear. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding this.



Hi Bogdan,

Great, thanks for the explanation, so basically even if deleted occidentally in Dropbox itself, it will just be re-uploaded by Boxifier?

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You’re right. If you accidentally deleted the file on Dropbox.com, it will just be re-uploaded by Boxifier.

Thank you for the kind words!


But let’s say I add a new file or edit an existing file purposefully in the protected folder - will this be updated on Dropbox?

For example, I’ve got a paper I’m writing and I keep the file in a protected folder. If I accidentally delete this file from dropbox, the “protected” status saves my life. But then let’s say I edit the file and write 25 more pages - will my updated document be uploaded to dropbox?


If you make those changes from the computer where you marked the folder as protected, then yes, your changes will be updated on Dropbox.

Does this answer your question?


Hi, is there a way to protect on the other way around?
meaning - if I have deleted a file on my remote drive, to avoid its deletion on Dropbox?


Hello, may I kindly ask for reply?


There isn’t a way to do this for now as it is somehow incompatible with the way sync works in Dropbox and Boxifier. The use case you are describing sounds more like “store only” which is different from sync. If this would be possible then when you delete a file from the remote drive, your folder on the remote drive and the one in your Dropbox.com account would not be “in sync” anymore.

One thing you can always do in case this happens is to right-click the folder that contains that file, choose View on Dropbox.com and then restore the deleted file from there.


Hi Bogdan,

I have a follow up question.

If I have several folders marked as protected on my laptop computer for example.

But I do want to delete some of those folders from my laptop, and I want Boxifier to also sync that delete to Dropbox.

Do I need to unprotect those folders then so that I can delete them from my laptop (where both Dropbox and Boxifier are running)/



Hi Tucker,

Deletes that you make from the computer where Boxifier is running will be synced to your Dropbox account even if the folder is marked as protected. It is only deletes made from other computers linked to that Dropbox account that are rejected.


I am having trouble with sharing my folders with other users. We have a protected folder. Can you change sharing on a protected folder?


Could you please share more details on the trouble that you are seeing?