What are the new features in Boxifier 1.5.0?


Have anybody seen the list of changes in this version?


It is here http://www.boxifier.com/changelog.txt. Not much information at all, but something.

In forum, there seems to have one post where are a details on the upgrade changes / necessity. Note it is not for 1.5.0, I put it here to for example of good release note.


This is a maintenance release which adds support for the latest version of Dropbox.

Everyone is highly encouraged to install the update.


"Support for the latest version of Dropbox"
Does that mean that 1.4.6 doesn’t work with Dropbox? What will happen if I try?


For instance, Boxifier 1.4.6 doesn’t work with Dropbox 7.3.27. It doesn’t sync due to changes in the Dropbox client. The latest version of Dropbox at the time of writing this is 7.3.28. Boxifier 1.5.0 works with it.

As I mentioned before, 1.5.0 is recommended for everyone to install. If you run an older version of Boxifier with the latest version of Dropbox, instead of installing the latest Boxifier update, you do it at your own risk.


Dropbox latest stable version is 6.4.14 and that is what most of users use right now. Is it recommend to update Boxifier to 1.5.0 or wait when Dropbox release stable v7?


Some of the Dropbox users are already running Dropbox versions higher than 6.4.14. Not everyone is running the same Dropbox version at the same time. Updates are delivered in batches and some users are also upgraded to the experimental/testing Dropbox builds.

Yes, as previously mentioned, it is recommended that everyone updates to Boxifier 1.5.0.


Yes, those who uses test versions have themselves choose that way. Dropbox do not update test versions to ordinary users. I was one of them, and I have to choose option to use that I like to test test versions. But then there was big problems (some years ago) and I changed back to Stable-channel.

Thank you for your reply about updating.


Just update to 150, and cant right click to add folder to Boxifier,

Update again to 151, and still can’t right click to add folder, try to drag folder to Boxifier and gave error E8500049…