Warning message on saving - File is already open elsewhere

Hi - recently, I think since upgrading to the newest version on Dropbox, I seem to be encountering a saving issue with my Illustration program, CorelDRAW2017 - in that when I first click to save the file saves ok - however any further attempt to save the file bring up a warning dialogue box telling me that the file can’t be saved as it is already open elsewhere and that I need to save as a new file. it does only seem to happen in conjunction with the CorelDRAW program - however it doesn’t happen when Boxifier has been quite and Dropbox is not syncing the files.

If you have any idea why this could be happening it would be greatly appreciated as it is disrupting my work flow by not being able to save my progress easily.

If you require any further information then please let me know.

I’m running Win 10, and the latest versions of Dropbox & Boxifier.



Looks like the issue has been introduced by a Dropbox update, so you will have to wait for Dropbox to fix this with one of their updates. It happens from time to time for a Dropbox update to introduce an issue like the one you are describing, which then gets fixed in a following Dropbox update.

What is the version of Dropbox that you are currently running?

hi - hmmmm okay, wonder when their next update will hit?! I know in the previous Boxifier update you introduced a tick box to stop Dropbox updating automatically and causing problems - I had this ticked, however I was getting regular warnings that my Dropbox was out of date and that I needed to update it otherwise it would stop working. Bit of a vicious circle really.

I’m currently running Version 27.4.22.



Dropbox 27.4.22 has been released two weeks ago so a new stable version of the Dropbox client should be released today or in the next few days. Stable releases of Dropbox are released every two weeks.

OK thanks - fingers crossed a new version arrives soon and it sorts this annoying issue.


A new version of Dropbox has been just released. Could you check and see if it makes any difference?

oh ok, any idea what version it is? it’s not showing up for me as yet? interestingly though there was a new version of Boxifier available this morning - I’ve updated to that and will see if my issue still persists

The new version of Dropbox is Dropbox 28.4.14