Upon startup, Boxifier has two windows [Low Priority IMHO]

Hi Boxifier folks,

On Windows 7, Boxifier is NOT set to run upon windows startup (because I need to mount a VeraCrypt partition first). I manually start Boxifier using the following batch script:

start /D “C:\Users\joe\AppData\Roaming\Boxifier” Boxifier.exe

When Boxifier starts, two of the same Boxifier windows show up in my Taskbar. I x-out of Boxifier, which minimizes it to the system tray. If I were to re-open Boxifier from the system tray, only one window would show.

Not a problem for me (Boxifier appears to work fine), but sometimes small things like this could indicate a bigger issue. Maybe put it on your todo list to look into sometime.


Yes, this is a known issue (UI only, does not affect the sync process) and it is on our list of issues to be fixed with the next update.

Thanks for the heads-up!