Uploading mac formatted hard disks with Windows



So I have a Dropbox Business account, but would love to upload all my back-up hard disks. However, this is a pain in the A** with Dropbox finder. Yes, I am on a Mac system.

Now, I do have a old Windows machine that could upload all the back-up disks for me, no need to sync this. Only a one-time upload. However, all my disks are Mac formatted and not readable on a Windows machine. Now I can reformat those, but not all since some are broken (but workable).

Now, is there any way to connect them to a windows machine and upload them with Boxifier?
I can read the files with a program called HFSE explorer, however I can not read them within the Windows ‘finder’ (Lol, what’s it called again?). It’s only readable within the program HFSE. It is possible to copy all the files to my main disk on the Windows machine, but hey… That’s not why I would buy Boxifier… :slight_smile:

Hope someone has a workaround or a solution, thanks in regards!


Hello? It’s the answer I am looking for.


You could connect your Mac drives to your Mac, share them through the network with the Windows computer and then on the Windows computer sync those shares with Boxifier.