Upgrading to v1.0.11

Boxifier requests to close the following applications in order to install the latest version.
Note: I am going from v1.0 to v1.0.11:

http://puu.sh/cGjFq/46d8170926.png (<-why arent new users allowed to post images -_- )

  1. The first problem is when I allow Boxifier to do this, the programme hangs and eventually reports that its not responding. Therefore I am unable to complete the installation/upgrade.
  2. The second issue is that it requests to close Window Explorer?? Why? This is so far the first programme that I have come across where this is required.

Thanks for getting us one step closer to syncing any file that we want :smiley:

Hi John,

That currently happens when you update Boxifier, as you experienced.

The reason why this happens is that Boxifier uses a shell extension to integrate with Windows Explorer. When you install a new version of Boxifier on top of an old one, the installer program wants to update the file containing the shell extension. The installer program sees that the Boxifier shell extension is currently in use (by the applications that you see in that list) and offers to restart those applications in order to perform the clean install of the new shell extension. That’s the standard behavior of the installer technology that we use (Inno Setup), but we will change it for the next version of the installer.

Restarting Windows Explorer is a normal thing with applications which use shell extensions. Dropbox also does it when you install it for the first time, but I remember it doesn’t do it when it updates itself.

I just explained what happens in case you want to get the full picture. However, you don’t have to bother with all those details.

The next version of the installer will fix this. I find as annoying as you do so I’ll make sure that this gets better :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting this!

Hi bogdan,

No problem, thank you for explanation. At least I understand why now it wants to restart/close all the listed programmes. Definitely looking forward to the fix when it gets released. Thank you.

In the meantime, would it be best to exit/uninstall boxifier v1.0 and then update/install it? Or shall I just hang on until the new version gets released?

The installer tries to restart those applications, but if you wait it should give up after some time and display a message box in which it says that it cannot do it. One of the options in that message box should be “Ignore”. If you get to the part where that message box shows up, try “Ignore” and it should continue installing.

However, if you don’t get to that message box, you can alternatively try the exit/uninstall then update/install like you suggested.

A smooth experience with the product is something that we value so you will definitely see improvements in the update/installer flow.


It gave up the first time I tried and displayed the “Retry” “Ignore” and “Cancel” options, of which I went with Retry incase it messed up the installation. lol in the end, on the retrying is when the programme became unresponsive and thus had to force end task and restart explorer manually.

I will try the ignore next time around, thanks :). And, as a user, thats good to hear. As long as a programme doesnt require a restart, Im happy. Though I know this is unavoidable in some situations.