Unable to Update Dropbox

I’m running Dropbox 69.4.102 on W10 (latest) and Boxifier 1.6.95. The popup Dropbox from the Taskbar has had the message “You’re using an old version of Dropbox. Please update within the next 17 days to continue using Dropbox”. It’s been like this for several days (but of course the number of days has been counting down).

I download the Update Dropbox installer file. I’ve tried to run this file in a number of ways including running as administrator, exiting Dropbox and Boxifier but am unable to apparently updating Dropbox.

The Boxifier website/help etc doesn’t point me to any useful help information and nowhere can I find much about Dropbox versions.

What am I doing wrong? Where can I find useful Dropbox help? If I delete Dropbox and/or Boxifier before using the installer will I loose my (rather complicated) setup array of folders spread across my hard drives?

Life (for me) is too busy at the moment to spend hours potentially having to undertake experimenting and rebuilding!

Thanks for any pointers from someone.

Hi John,

All you need to do is go to Boxifier settings and uncheck the “Block Dropbox updates” feature, then run the Dropbox installer again. No need to uninstall anything, just uncheck that feature and run the Dropbox installer.

Hope this helps,