Timescale for OSX Version?


Hi All,

I heard about Boxifier some time ago, I set my folks up with a Plus account for their PC as everything they have is saved on a single external HDD. I am a mac user and have everything on a Drobo Mini, which is a good solution as my onsite backup but I am desperate for an OSX version of Boxifier to be released as it’s the perfect offsite backup solution at the moment.

Short of installing a Bootcamp Windows OS onto my MacBook I am out of options.
I know the guys are hard at work making a port for us purveyors of shiny, but is there any sort of timescale in mind? I have a very clumsy girlfriend, not to mention a cat that will sit on anything warm… Potential hard drive disaster imminent!

Many thanks,


Hi Matt,

As any software team will tell you estimates are always hard to give but you can bet Boxifier for Mac is coming this year. Half of our team runs on Macs so we also want it ASAP.

We want to provide a great product in order to improve people’s lives and relationships. Just to make sure that Boxifier will be fully compatible with your environment: could you please tell us the name and model of your cat? Pictures are welcome.



I am failing to find a picture on my computer at the moment, but this is a pretty good likeness.

Ok, in reality the cat looks like nothing like mine, but he has the same hat, pipe and general swagger…