The Boxifier folder is not present in Dropbox’s Selective Sync settings. Now what?

I am getting the message:

"Please change your Selective Sync settings
The Boxifier folder needs to be checked in the Selective Sync settings in order for Boxifier to work correctly.
Please check the Boxifier folder in the Selective Sync settings and try again"

However, when I go to Dropbox, and try to check the Boxifier folder in my Selective Sync settings, it isn’t there.

What do I do now?


Sometimes it can take a while for the list of folders to appear when opening the Selective Sync settings. This is usually indicated by the text message above the list of folders in the Selective Sync settings window.

Does the Boxifier folder show up when you log into the Dropbox website?

I have been waiting now for 30 minutes, and no more new folders are being added to the list.

The text above is now alternating between:

“Trying to connect to Dropbox"
"Loading more folders…”

Yes, the Boxifier folder shows up when I log into the Dropbox website. However, I did delete and restore it, and reinstall Boxifier and Dropbox a few times. Not sure if this matters.

Sounds like an issue with Dropbox not being able to load the complete list of folders from their servers.

Indeed, now that I have carefully looked at and compared exactly which folders are visible in:
(1) my online Dropbox,
(2) in my Dropbox folder on my computer, and
(3) which ones are shown in the Selective Sync settings window

… I realise that not all folders are showing up and that Dropbox is unable to load the complete list of folders from their servers.

I was thinking of doing the following:
(1) uninstall Dropbox using Revo UnInstaller (so that I am sure that absolutely everything is removed from my computer related to Dropbox),
(2) uninstall Boxifier (also using Revo installer),
(3) restart my computer, and then
(4) reinstall Dropbox and Boxifier.

Any suggestions?

You could try uninstalling Dropbox.

I am not sure if uninstalling Boxifier would make a change but you can try that and see if Dropbox behaves the same way.

I am having a similar problem. Boxifier does not show up in my selective sync list or on my page.

I uninstalled and reinstalled boxifier a few times. Upon reinstalling, it shows a link to a folder previously linked to boxifier.

I am stymied.