Syncing external drive

I want to use boxifier to Sync an external drive.
If I add files to dropbox on the internet into my boxifier folder (and not into my computer dropbox boxifier folder), will they be copied into my external drive? or does it only work one way, meaning i can only add files into my external drive and have them copied into the cloud (via my boxifier folder into my internet dropbox)?


Hi Maya,

Boxifier does a two-way sync so if you add files in a subfolder of the Boxfifier folder using or another computer where you install Dropbox, they will be synced/copied to your external drive.

It works just like Dropbox but also for external drives :smile:

great, thanks. two additional clarifications:
Am I correct that the “protected” option needs to be unchecked for this to work?
and If I uncheck the “protected” option and run the computer without connecting the external drive, that dropbox will not delete the boxified folders from the cloud?


If you want to be able to modify and delete files in that subfolder using other computers or then yes, you should leave the “protected” option unchecked.

The external drive removal protection offered by Boxifier works both when “protected” is checked and when it is unchecked so it is not related to it. Your folders won’t be deleted from the cloud when the external drive is removed.