Syncing and using a Mail File (.pst) With Boxifier

Hi all,

On my home PC I’ve synced my external hard drive to Boxifier. This hard drive also contains my outlook .pst file. I am going on a trip for 4 months and will be using my surface tablet which has dropbox on it. Is it optimum to access my pst file for email directly from the the dropbox folder on my tablet that has the boxifier files in it or should I download the entire file to my tablet and work off of it on the local drive and periodically copy it back up to the dropbox/boxifier folder which will then sync back to my hard drive when I return home in 4 months. Hope this makes sense and thanks for the help!

Hi there,

For best results I would recommend that you work with it from the local drive and periodically copy it to the Dropbox->Boxifier folder.

Outlook .pst files can get corrupted if synced through Dropbox when Outlook and Dropbox are running on two computers at the same time and both Outlook instances (on both computers) have the .pst file open.