Syncing an external drive

I understand how to do it, from this.

But I wanted to double check something that I felt was implied by the instructions:

Do I have to “Uncheck the folder that you synced” on every pc that my account is linked to? If I choose to sync a folder on an external drive that is connected to my work PC, what happens when I log into my home PC and dropbox starts? I know normally that Dropbox defaults to automatically syncing any new folders that have been created.

This is one of my biggest complaints about DB, I wish you could designate certain folders as “opt-in” syncing instead of having to always manually “opt-out” on every workstation.

Furthermore, where would it sync to if the original externally located folder had been located on the F:\ drive at work, and my home computer has no “F:” mapping?

Yes, for the moment there is no known way to tell Dropbox “hey, don’t sync this folder to my other computers”. So the folder from your external drive will automatically be downloaded by Dropbox on your other computers connected to your Dropbox account.

Let’s say your folder is F:\Alice.

When you right-click it and select “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” Boxifier would sync it to “Dropbox\Boxifier\Alice” (unless you selected another name in that window that appeared when you right-clicked the folder).

So on your home computer the folder would appear in your Dropbox folder at Dropbox\Boxifier\Alice.

Does this answer your question?

I think it does. I suppose the upside is if I am using Boxifier primarily for backup, I just have to uncheck the “Boxifier” folder on all my other computers.

Is there any way to exert control over where/what Boxifier folders are named? I am wondering about a subset of folders that I do want to have synced and a subset of folders I do not want to have synced - “Dropbox\Boxifier\SyncMe\Alice etc” and
"Dropbox\Boxifier\DoNotSyncMe\Bob etc"

You mean like a custom hierarchy under the “Dropbox\Boxifier” folder?

Yes, that’s a good way to describe it.