Sync whole hard drive

Hi, I have a project which I think Boxifier will help me with, at least I hope it will :smile:

I have two computers which I want to keep syncronized via Dropbox as that will also give me a cloud backup of all the files.

Both computers have an F: hard drive which holds all the data I need to sync. No probs so far. However, because of some complicated folder shares which would take me days to sort out if I had to move the folders, I would rather not move the folders under the Dropbox folder. It woul be better to just add the F: drive to Dropbox using Boxifier - but how can I do it?

Yes, you can use Boxifier to synchronize folders from the F: drive by right-clicking on them and selecting “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” from the context menu. We are soon adding support for right-clicking on a drive so that you can sync the whole drive.