Sync to Top Level Dropbox Folder

Hi Boxifier,

I’m your new potential client. planning to use Pro version as I need to sync network shares to Dropbox.
I have following two questions:

  1. I want the network shares to appear as top level folder in Dropbox. At this point I see that the directories in dropbox are created under Boxifier. I want them to be outside of the Boxifier directory.
  2. I already have the files available in the Dropbox as well as locally. What would be the behavior if choose to Sync the local directory that are already existing in the dropbox?


Hi Ruben,

For the moment all folders sync as subfolders of the Boxifier folder. However, syncing to a top level folder in Dropbox is on our roadmap.

If you link a folder outside of your Dropbox folder with a subfolder of the Boxifier folder from your Dropbox account then only the differences between the two folders would be synced.

Do you guys have timelines when syncing to top level directory will be available?

We don’t have an estimate right now but it should be after the Mac version gets released.

Many are waiting for this feature. I bet you will get far more new clients with this feature rather than mac users.
Hope you guys release this feature before I find something else.

Just confirming here that this is coming.

Anyone interested, please send an e-mail to team at boxifier dot com and you will get notified about it as soon as it gets released.