Sync not complete - No UI symbols

Hi, I used Boxifier to synchronize a huge folder (180Go) from my 2nd hdd.
Note that at first I tried to sync the same folder from my external disk drive, until I understood the trial limitations, so my problem may be linked to that.

The sync went pretty well, until suddendly dropbox started to fill my main drive (an SSD) for no reason. I suspect that dropbox was downloading the whole synced folder, but I don’t see why.
So I went to selective sync, and unchecked the “Boxifier” folder. The free space came back. However (again it seems weird to me) unchecking the Boxifier folder did not delete it from the computer. Not that it matters in term of space, but it’s not suppose to work this way.

Finally I checked the folder again, and was pleased to see that everything was synced, except …
Except some files (which were not synced yet) had been deleted from the original folder; which was now only 115Go big ! Hopefully I have a backup, and I copied the missing file into the folder I’m syncing. My problem now is: despite stopping boxifier and dropbox several time, my new files are not synced to dropbox. It’s like boxifier/dropbox don’t see that there are some new files.

Also, I don’t have any of the dropbox UI in the folder on my secondary HDD.

Is there any config files I can easily access to check if boxifier has messed up the sync ? Thanks a lot !

Hi Pierrick,

Boxifier works so that it doesn’t take space in the Dropbox folder on your computer, so there is no need to uncheck the folder using selective sync, because Dropbox will not download the folder synced with Boxifier.

Contacting you now by e-mail so that I can get more details about this.


Thanks for the amazing support via TeamViewer !

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