Support for .gitignore like files to exclude files/folders from syncing

Boxifier looks fantastic, thanks for starting this project. I have a few questions and one feature request:

  • Have you in fact reimplemented a full alternative Dropbox client?
  • How are you able to piggyback on the official client for authentication?
  • Do you use the same kind of efficient delta syncing as the official client, especially for large files?
  • Do you support LAN sync?
  • Could you add support for a .gitignore-like file (e.g. .boxifierignore) to smartly exclude files/folders from syncing? That is a long-requested and long-ignored feature on Dropbox forums, and I am sure this alone would make a lot of people want to use Boxifier!

As a fellow Boxifier user I will attempt to answer what I can:

  1. No Boxifier is not a full alternative Dropbox client, it relies on the official Dropbox application to do its job
  2. They use the official Dropbox APIs, you can find out more about that here -
  3. As Boxifier uses the Dropbox application itself to do the syncing it will be exactly the official client.
  4. Yes LAN sync is supported in Pro or Business editions -
  5. It should certainly be possible, @Bogdan or @Razvan are the ones to ask.
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