Subfolders not syncing on NAS



my files in Subfolders are not syncing on my NAS. The files an folders only get synced as soon as i restart Dropbox.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks in advance


Some NAS boxes sometimes have firmware bugs, but we usually workaround them.

What is the brand and model of your NAS?


It´s a Synology RS814 …



Looks like an issue with receiving change notifications from the NAS. Could you try the following?

  1. Pause Dropbox
  2. Resume Dropbox
  3. Wait for it to finish indexing/syncing and turn to a green checkmark
  4. Create a short text document in the folder on the NAS that you are syncing with Boxifier
  5. See if that change is picked up by Boxifier and synced to Dropbox, so that the file would appear on


Did that and:

If i create this File in the Root of the Dropbox - it works. Like before without pause/resume.

If i Create the file in any subfolder - it didnt get synchronised. Only when i pause / Resume Dropbox it Syncs the files in the Subfolder …


Our customer support team is contacting you to get more details on this.


I have the same problem as you. My files are not syncing on my NAS beforer without pause /resume.

Do you have solved it ?