Strange Boxifier Behaviors with certain folders - unable to re-link after unplanned de-linking

I have two folders that are synced via Boxifier on my home PC. A couple of days ago, something happened, not sure exactly what/how, but instead of pointing the to local locations outside of Dropbox (on a different internal hard drive than my DB folder), these two folders (and all the files inside them (about 800 GB) downloaded to “Boxifier/Folder A Name” and “Boxifier/Folder B Name” inside my normal DB location.

I’ve used selective sync to stop the folders in question from syncing with the PC, removed the folders via Boxifier, and then tried to add them back via the steps here:

But I get the normal “add folder” instead of the green “re-link” button.

I’m using Boxifier and DB to mirror these folders to my work PC, and I am getting the green “re-link” button that end. Both machines are running Boxifier 1.7.0 and DB 85.4.155

Home PC is Win10 Education 1809
Office PC is Win10 Education 1803

Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated, since I need to get this working again on the Home PC side. Thank you!


We identified an incompatibility between Boxifier and Dropbox and are working to release a fix for it. That incompatibility is most likely the reason why you are experience this issue.

A fix is scheduled be released in the following days.

Best regards,

Hi Christine

Any news on this matter? When is a patch/update likely?


Hello Rob,

The fix is now in private beta tests, waiting to be released.

I will update this message thread here as soon as it is released publicly.


Thanks for the update.