Sharing a Volume

Folks, this isn’t really a bug, but it might save someone a bit of troubleshooting/fiddling around. I’ve just signed up with Boxifier, to use dropbox as cloud backup. I had a bunch of folders I wanted to sync with dropbox, some on my local computer and some on a NAS drive. In total there was about 200Gb of data, and since I have a very slow broadband connection I wanted to take the data into work, use the fast connection there to upload it, then sync it with boxifier/dropbox at home. This all worked pretty well, I’m happy to say. I paused sync at home, uploaded everything at work, then resumed sync. After a fair bit of indexing everything was almost okay. There was one problem, dropbox was showing 4 items still to sync, and was reporting errors syncing them (access denied). It turns out this is down to the source folders on my computer. The item in question was my music library, which is physically on a separate hard disk, but mounted as C:\Music on my computer. Dropbox doesn’t like this, because the mounted folder gets a Recycle Bin, and it can’t access the sub folders due to security restrictions. Everything worked, but dropbox never showed itself as up to date.

My fix was to sync with the Music folder on my NAS instead, which gets a weekly mirror of the copy on my computer. Not sure if there would have been any other way around it. I didn’t want to muck about with permissions of system folders

Anyway, something to be aware of if you find yourself in a similar situation

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kevin!

As I understand, having a Recycle Bin folder makes Dropbox unable to complete the sync due to permission issues. I have noted down your feedback and we will think of a workaround for the next version of Boxifier.

Maybe excluding the “Recycle Bin” folder would be a good idea for a future release.

Might be an idea, though perhaps worth checking it’s marked as a system folder as well? Not sure how common a situation it would be. For me, my main drive is an SSD device, so I tend to use mounted partitions a lot for things that would otherwise be too large for the drive