Server Essentials 2012 - Folder Redirection Question

Hi There,
I am a one man IT support guy for homes and small businesses. I currently use Windows Server Essentials 2012.
All the folders on desktop machines are redirected to server by default.
My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My favorites, My Downloads.

I also have in my Dropbox (On the server) the same folders and I am manually syncing them with a different tool (good-sync and Core Technologies AlwaysUP)
As you can understand I have double the data usage since I have the same files in the Dropbox folders as I have in the Folder Redirection on the server.

My question is, can I install Boxifier on my server and tell it to sync my redirected folders to the same Dropbox folder? If the program will do that safely I would not need Dropbox installed on anything but the server since my server by default syncs the My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My favorites, My Downloads folders. If I go on the road with my laptop offline files would also be in sync because it just copies from the Redirected Folders.

If Boxifier can do this safely that could be a HUGE market since I have clients ask me all the time about putting their documents in a Dropbox account. (I have reserved this process I am using for myself and my father at this point. For my father with 5 computers (no server) I just remap the My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My favorites, My Downloads folders on his desktop to the Dropbox folders.

Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Brett,

Yes, you can install Boxifier on the server and right-click those folders to sync them with your Dropbox account without taking twice the space on the server. Then those folders will be available in your Dropbox account as subfolders of the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder.

Does this help?