SelectiveSync, Boxifier Folder in DB Folder?

I had been manually uploading files to DB. I’m now testing Boxifier to sync folders from my external drive.

I see the Boxifer folder in the DB folder on my C drive. If I sync large folders from external drive, is it going to back them up to C drive, which does not have room for them? How do I exclude the boxifier folder on DB from syncing to C drive?

If much of the data from the folders on the external drive are already manually uploaded to DB, can I move the folders into the Boxifier folder on DB, so it won’t have to reload all the data, and also create duplicates, unnecessarily?

I’d also searched for how to exclude files already stored in DB from backing up to the DB folder on C drive. But when I choose Selective Sync in the DB client, I only see DropBox as an option? Any suggestion on how to exclude folders, that I just want on DB, but not in DB folder on C drive? As well, I need to exclude the Boxiifer folder, as that data won’t fit on C drive and that’s the whole point of using Boxifier???

Hi Robert,

You don’t need to worry about that. When folders are synced using Boxifier, they don’t download to your C drive, so they don’t take space in your local Dropbox folder. They just sync between your external drive and Dropbox.

So please don’t make any changes to your selective sync settings, because you don’t need to. Boxifier is built so that all you have to do is to right-click a folder, start syncing it and not have to worry about anything else.

Bottom line, you don’t need to exclude the Boxifier folder or anything else. Please don’t make any changes to Selective Sync settings. There is no need. If you play with those you might risk deleting something and you don’t want that.


Hi Razvan, thanks for that reply. OK, a little more clarification:

Much of the content (AV files) that is on my external drive and I will be syncing with Boxifier, has already been uploaded to DB, using their uploader. I don’t want to duplicate the content on DB.

So should I move the content that is already on DB into the Boxifier folder on DB, before I select the containing folder on my external drive, so Boxifier can see which files are already on DB and therefore only upload those files that are not already on DB?

How do you suggest I handle this, before I get started with Boxifier?

Perhaps it is because of low bandwidth, where I am right now, that the DB uploader had stopped working for me, and mostly giving me error messages for all the files that were not uploading. I had not been using the DB client; only manually selecting multiple files and using the uploader to try to copy files to DB. That’s why I searched and found Boxifier and I am looking forward to finally having a solution!