Selective Sync copies locally


Hi, I have dropbox running on a VM with boxifier. Initially I didn’t mess with ANY selective sync options. I left everything stock. Then I told boxifier to sync a network folder. What I noticed is that my Dropbox is storing the network drive files onto the local hard drive as well. So it is filling up my hard drive. Basically it’s like this


I only want the X:\NetworkFiles to be on my dropbox account online…NOT stored locally in C:\Username\Dropbox\NetworkFiles. I do NOT have enough hard drive space to store those files locally and it defeats the purpose.

What am I doing wrong?


Nevermind it seemed there was an issue with the syncing. I opened boxifier, removed the folder and then re-added it. This put a “Dropbox shortcut” inside of the local folder of my VM. Which essentially eliminated the local copy but kept the network copy. Thanks!!! Awesome freaking program!


Hello all,

Could someone please elaborate on the solution here? I have had to strip both Boxifier and Dropbox from my server as Boxifier was no longer syncing files and I could not upgrade the version of Dropbox…even with that magicaly block option unchecked. So I have unsync’d all the folders that I had syncing with DB, and when I go to re-sync, it wants me to enable Selective Sync which will put a copy of the network files on my C: and fill it up.

To do anything with DB, I have to uninstall Boxifier as access to DB is removed…even after stopping the service. I am at Boxifier 1.6.9, and of DB.




Hello all,

Like xhaloz, I figured it out…but it was a puzzle.
Boxifier 1.6.9
Dropbox 34.4.20

I also referenced this old article about relinking: Re-linking files from HD to Dropbox via Boxifier

After installing Dropbox on a new computer make sure that the Boxifier folder is checked in the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and all the subfolders are unchecked. Then you can go and right-click a folder to relink it. Choose “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” and a window will open. If the name matches an existing folder in your Dropbox then you will see a Relink button in that window.
Do this for all folders that you want to relink.

Install DB first. Sign in. Follow instructions posted above.
Install Boxifier.
You can manage DB w/out uninstalling Boxifier by pressing Don’t Run Dropbox As Service in the Boxifier Settings.
Once you’ve relinked the files, you have to go back to selective sync in DB to re-check those boxes.

They will no longer be downloaded to your C:\ drive.

FYI: Before reinstalling each application again, I made sure to delete any and all Dropbox and Boxifier folders in user%%appdata%, Program files, ProgramData. Every place you could think of. Not sure it was necessary, but that is what I did.