Scripting Boxifier (batch or command line)

Is there any way to script Boxifier via a batch file or otherwise? I’d like to be able to add a folder to sync without accessing the GUI.

Hi Matt,

There are currently no ways to script Boxifier as we haven’t identified a use case where this would be useful.

Could you please tell me more about this? How would this be useful to you?

Thanks for the reply! I use Boxifier to sync files from a network drive mapped to a Windows computer at work to Dropbox so that I can use them on my Mac and other portable devices. I’d like to be able to start and stop syncing folders via Boxifier from my Mac (which is my primary machine) without having to access my Windows computer. Currently when I want to start working with files in a particular folder on my work network I have to remotely login to my Windows computer, navigate to the folder, and start syncing it with Boxifier, then I go back to my Mac to start working with the files. I’d basically like to cut out that middle part. If Boxifier were scriptable I could do it pretty easily.