Running boxifier on a windows server


Could not find a answer to my question on the forums. If I understood correctly I can run the Power Server as a service on my Windows 2012 server. Will I need to have a dropbox client installed in order to get this to work? Dropbox client can not be runned as a service so this is quite confusing. Could someone guide me before I purchase the Power Server?

Hi there,

Yes, you will need to first install the Dropbox client on that server and log in.

Dropbox by itself can not be run as a service in a reliable way but Boxifier can help you achieve that in a reliable way.

Is there anyway to access the dropbox GUI to check settings while running as a service?

For now, the only way to do this is to stop running as a service, run Dropbox manually, check settings, close Dropbox and then re-enable running Dropbox as a service.

However, we are currently working on making this possible without having to stop and restart the service.