Retrieve folders from Dropbox to External Hard Drive

I have various folders on an external hard drive, which are too big to fit on my computer. I have just used Boxifier to sync them to my Dropbox folder.

Now, if the external hard drive dies, how can I use Boxifier / Dropbox to get the folders back from Dropbox onto a new external hard drive, without going via my computer?

Hi Chloe,

After getting a new external drive you can relink folders from your Dropbox -> Boxifier folder with folders on your new external drive so that they download to the external drive instead of your computer.

How would I perform this same process on a new machine and new external HD with Dropbox and Boxifier freshly installed?

If I have a “scans” boxifier folder from before, how would I get boxifier to create a new folder on my external drive for the “dropbox version” of “scans” to download? If I create a blank scans folder on the external hard drive, and use boxifier to “sync with dropbox” will this new blank folder clear the dropbox version of the folder, or download the contents to it from dropbox?

Hi there,

  1. First, you would make sure that the “scans” folder is unchecked in the Dropbox Selective Sync settings.
  2. Then you would create a blank folder (having the same name -> “scans”) on the external drive, then right-click it, choose “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” and click the Relink button.
  3. Then you would go to the Dropbox Selective Sync settings and check the “scans” folder.
  4. The contents of the “scans” folder would then be downloaded on the external drive.