Reset of Boxifier



I had the problem, that Boxifier writes in my Windows 10 program (x86) folder, because of non synced files.I had to reorganize everything, because the selective sync selections weren`t save proper.

Now, I have deleted all links in Boxifier and the selective sync in dropbox has no selections, everything is NOT selected. The folder in dropbox and on desktop did partly change, not all.

What are my next steps to get it run again ???


Could you share more details on which “program (x86)” folder that is? That sounds very unusual.


Hi Razvan,

in the folder program(x86) are all installed windows programs.
When sync started, a second folder was created with the same name of the original, but with the additional description “created because of access problems” . The text was in german.
In this new folder were files from the original folder.
I had to copy all files in the original folder and repair the programs.
These were about 30.
I think this is a special problem if there are problems with file access form files in use.

But this is now solved. The program(x86) folder is not selected in selective sync.

I am very angry now, that anything deletes me files on harddisk or in dropbox.
Therefore I ask to give me advise, what my next steps are, that I can be sure, that this don’t happens.


I do not understand what you have tried in first place? What you have tried to sync via Boxifier?


i have tried to sync the windows program(x86) folder.


Why in the world? For backuping system? There is much better programs for that kind of backuping. Direct file copying is it not correct way to backup programs/system. There might be related files everywhere on system and there is probably important settings and information disposed along the register.

Try something disk imaging solution for backuping system. Windows 10 have own but I do not have even tried with because I use magnificent ShadowProtect.


It’s easy to be wise after this. But it should not be allowed to delete anything without permission of the user. Weather this in sync or backup. If you sync, none can overwrite or delete files without any interaction / Permission of the user.

The question is, what to do now. I will reactivate the sync for only a few folders, see description above.


My intention was not to be mean. But you should always take things out before acting. Not the other way around.

As for the Boxifer program, support should help you soon.


that my files dont get deleted in dropbox and PC, what i have to do?