Requested to relink, but the folder is not in the Boxifier folder when selective sync is attempted


When I attempt to relink, the folder that is to be relinked does not appear in the selective sync link inside my Boxifier folder on Dropbox. In fact, the folder does not appear in boxifier on


Here’s how to fix this:

  1. Remove the folder from the Boxifier application
  2. Go to and create an empty subfolder inside “Boxifier” with the same name as the folder that does not appear.
  3. Go to Dropbox selective sync settings and you should now see the subfolder.
  4. Check the subfolder in order to have it synced as an empty subfolder of “Boxifier” in the local Dropbox folder
  5. Go to the “Boxifier” folder inside the local Dropbox folder and delete that empty folder.