Relink for a non existing folder

i try to sync a folder on the PC: Boxifier Sync with Dropbox.
Boxifire give me a dialog box:sync this folder to dialog box as .
There is no OK Button, only a Relink Button.
The folder did exist, but was deleted a few weeks ago.
What to do?

Hi Juergen,

This is a known issue with boxified folders that were previously deleted. An update will fix this.

For now you can do this as a workaround:

  1. Create an empty folder with that name in your Boxifier folder on
  2. Go to the Selective Sync settings in the Dropbox application on your computer and check that folder so that it will sync to your computer (it is an empty folder so nothing will actually get synced).
  3. Once it is visible in the Boxifier folder on your computer you can go ahead and delete that empty folder.
  4. You can now try to sync the folder that you were previously trying to sync.

Please let me know how that goes.