Re-linking files from external HD to Dropbox via Boxifier

I posted about this two weeks ago under the topic “Re-linking files from HD to Dropbox via Boxifier” but I didn’t receive a reply so I thought maybe I should have started a new topic. My computer was sick and the computer shop removed Boxifier as part of the process of checking what was wrong with it. Now my computer is fixed I need to re-link the folders on Dropbox with the folders on my external drive. Under the other topic you promised to email someone else instructions for how to do this. If you could also send me the instructions for this that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Timothy,

Please check your e-mail and let me know how that goes.


Me too! am just getting started w boxifier and need to sync files on my external drive. It doesn’t detect that drive automatically, and I don’t see any options to select. :slight_smile: