Re-link folder showing when folder not in Boxifier

I recently tried to sync a folder on my NAS with Dropbox via Boxifier, and the re-link button shows up despite the folder not being present in /Dropbox/Boxifier. When I click re-link, nothing happens. The folder shows in the Boxifier user interface (with a gray chain icon rather than a green checkbox or a blue question mark), and nothing ever gets synced in the folder. Any help would be appreciated.

Has that folder (or a folder with the same name) been synced with Boxifier in the past?

Yes it has previously been synced with Boxifier and removed via the Boxifier user interface.

Confirming that we managed to reproduce this and it will get fixed ASAP.


I think I have the same issue.
A folder in Boxifiershows the grey chain icon.
When I hover the mouse over the folder it tells me to activete syncing of this folder in SelectiveSync by checking the appropriate checkbox.

But in Dropbox SelectiveSync this folder is not visible so I cannot set the checkbox.

Is it the same issue?

This sounds like something else. A colleague from our support team has contacted you to find out more about this.