Question re Boxter duplicating folder

I have a folder on called “Pics” which stores most of my photos. I use selective sync so that this folder does not sync to my computer (which has a smaller HDD). When on an expedition without internet I backup all my new photos to an external HDD in a folder called “Pics”. Boxifier will upload from the external HDD to, and sync with, a new folder on called Boxifier/Pics. Since the HDD has many of the same files that the folder has these have been uploaded to the Boxifier folder too - although they were obv. copied from the folder directly since it only took a few minutes (not the hours an upload would take).
Now my has two folders and The latter has everything in the former plus a few others and only it syncs with the HDD.
Are both folders “real” i.e. do they both count against my DB 1TB Total?
Can I merge them?
Can I delete the folder?

As far as I’m aware yes both folders would count toward your 1TB Total on Dropbox.

Yes you could delete the Dropbox/Pics folder if you are sure all the files are duplicated (you get 30 days to recover the deleted files if you later find some pics missing anyway) :wink:

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