Question about setting up Boxifier


Just started using and have a question -

I’ve got Boxifier set up on my laptop and a MyCloud device on my network. I’ve got a folder for Shared Pictures, Shared Movies, etc on my MyCloud device and I’d like to synch those folders to a Dropbox Business account.

I did the “Sync with Dropbox - Business” for each of them - it seems like Boxifier requires you to sync the files to the computer it is running on (my laptop) in order to work. The problem is I don’t have enough space to do this (that’s part of the reason why I got an external drive in the first place).

How do I get Boxifier to work without syncing the files to my laptop? Am I missing something here? Thanks for the help!


Hi Danny,

Boxifier does not require you to sync the files to the computer it is running on. That is the benefit of using Boxifier: files stay in their original folders and are not copied to the local Dropbox folder on the computer where Boxifier is running.

Is there anything that gave the impression that it would require syncing the files to the local Dropbox folder?


Above is a screenshot from my laptop - Shared Pictures are synced to the Dropbox folder on the laptop and it looks like it is set up correctly and then for movies it looks like I’m being instructed to go into Selective Sync and enable Shared Movies to be synced to the laptop as well (which I don’t have enough space).

I tried things like mapping a drive and it didn’t seem to help. Thanks for your help! Danny.


How does the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder look like on your computer? A screenshot would help with this.