Premium 30 minutes trial period is not clearly understandable as it is written

I originally thought the 30mn trial was a one time thing, which seemed very impractical for evaluation purposes.
Then I read this: and understood the 30mn are not a single time upon installing the software, but every day, and that apparently it is possible to choose when to start the trial. Which is indeed much better.

It would be a good idea and very beneficial for you to make it clearer on your homepage, like this for example:

In the basic edition of Boxifier, all premium features are available for you to try, every day and at anytime, for 30 minutes. This way you can see if Boxifier really works before deciding to upgrade. We believe you should purchase a license only if you are completely satisfied with the product. That’s how software should work.

That being said, I have just installed Boxifier but can’t find how to start the 30mn trial…

Hi Erwin,

You make a great point here. Yes, the 30-minute trial is not a one time thing. That would be very impractical, indeed.

The way that works is that, like you said, at any point you can give a 30-minute trial to the premium features. For instance, syncing folders from a network drive is a premium feature. In order to give it a try, you just go to a network folder, right click on it and choose “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox”. The folder will first be indexed and then it will start syncing. If the folder is a big one, then indexing will take some time, so I recommend that you first give it a try with a smaller folder in order to get a quick idea on how it works. As files start uploading you can see them online by going to the Dropbox website.

After 30 minutes pass the folder will stop syncing and it will be removed from Dropbox. However, if something kept you busy and you couldn’t evaluate the network sync feature in those 30 minutes, then you can give it another try sometime.

Boxifier being a freemium product, you can always use the free features and try the premium ones at any time for 30 minutes, for as many times you need in order to evaluate them.

Thank you for the feedback! We will update the website so that it makes this more clear.