"Please Contact Boxifier Support"



I was using Boxifier normally until it stopped to sync with my dropbox folder and the only message I get is “Please Contact Boxifier Support” and a “-” sign on the folder icon.

Can anyone help on this matter?


From the screenshot I can tell you are running Boxifier 1.6.5 which is an older version of Boxifier. Please install the latest version from the website and report back here if that makes any difference.


Hi Razvan,

All download links are leading to the 1.6.5 version. Where can I get the newer one?


Sorry, the links should be fixed now. Could you please try again?


Hi Razvan,

Look, the download buttons are still referencing the 1.6.5 version. The name of the downloaded file is still 1.6.5 too. Though, I tried to install anyway and the version installed was the 1.6.8 and it’s working now.

I think you should update the download buttons and file name. Just a suggestion.

Thank you very much. Best regards.


That’s weird, indeed. Maybe the page is cached by the browser? Here is how it looks on my end:

Thank you for updating the thread and letting me know that it is working now.