Only shortcuts to folders


I tried posting this question a week or two ago but no sign of it here - apologies if I missed something, or maybe it’s just a stupid question…

I want to include Boxifier in my backup regime but after syncing, the Boxifier folder in my Dropbox shows only shortcuts to folders on my hard rive, no files, which means that if I lose my PC I lose the work - is that the case? I’m probably missing something conceptual re how Boxifier behaves.


The idea behind Boxifier is that if you lose your PC then you have your data in Dropbox due to it being synced by Boxifier. The behavior of “Boxifier” folder in your local Dropbox folder showing just shortcuts only happens on your computer (the one where Boxifier is running), in order not to waste space. If you check the “Boxifier” folder on the Dropbox website or on other devices where you use Dropbox then you will see real folders and no shortcuts.


Ah, I understand - I can see the files are all there on the Dropbox website, thanks so much for responding.


Thanks Christine Regards Daryl “Dasha”