Old Dropbox version

I have a message in my Dropbox icon saying that I have to update the software in 20 days, otherwise I won’t be able to use it anymore. On contacting Dropbox support team, they actually said this message is related to a third-part app, and Boxifier is the only one I use.

They answered me the following: "Thats not the Dropbox app, thats a third party app you are using.

As the error says the developer of that app needs to update it to get it to continue to function after 28th June. You need to contact them and ask if they are going to do so."

So, will you update it to funcion after June 28th?


You can fix this by going to Boxifier settings, uncheck “Block Dropbox updates”, then wait for Dropbox to update or manually initiate the update by downloading the latest version of Dropbox and installing it on top of the current one.

Probably the Dropbox support representative got confused. It is the version of Dropbox currently installed on your computer that will stop working after June 28, not Boxifier.

Hello, Razvan!

I did as you said, and the update message is gone. But now all the folders in Boxifier are with a gray circle and a white dash in the middle, indicating that the folders are not syncing anymore.

How to solve that?


An update to Boxifier has just been released. Could you go to Boxifier settings, click on “Check for updates” and make sure that you have the latest version?