Newbie. A Step by step process needed

Hi Guys

I did have dropbox on my local machine in my folder. Anyway as I have a few staff working together instead of dropbox pro being on all the machines and slowing them all down. I decided to not have any staff machines have drop box on them.

I invested in a nas drive. And this works fine. Everything from my local dropbox folder got dumped into the nas drive. And we ALL work from the nas drive. So the dropbox files in the dropbox folder on my c: haven’t been touched in months now.

Okay moving forward I want everything from my nas folder to sync to my dropbox.

So for this reason I just bought the middle plan of Boxifier.

Where do I start to achieve this?

I’m confused!

Hi there!

There easiest way would be to go on your NAS, select a folder that you want to sync to your Dropbox, right-click and choose “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox”.

Did you get a chance to try this?

hi Bogdan

I’m confused as to why there is no support documentation.

Okay I think I’ll do that. I’ve noticed if I right click on the drive, or if I select files and folders within the drive from the top root level the option for Boxifier doesn’t exist. So am I right in assuming everything must be contained within folders?