Network share not uploading to dropbox

I have a network share mapped in boxifier. The share is on a QNAP NAS. Yesterday I created a new folder on it and then I copied two video files to it, around 200 meg each. It’s a day later now, and neither the new folder nor the two files have been uploaded to dropbox. Any thoughts? Logs I can check? Boxifier is showing the folder with “fully synced” tick next to it.

It might be useful if there was a facility to trigger a forced resync on a mapped folder. In this instance I tend to upload stuff to the share in question quite infrequently, so being able to force the sync would be a reasonable workaround (all be it not as ideal as having it work automatically!)


Thank you for reporting this, Kevin. Improvements to syncing from network shares are coming in the next release.

For now, restarting Dropbox should trigger a resync on the mapped folder. A manual resync option is also planned for the next release as network folders don’t always report changes back to the operating system. This depends on the implementation of the CIFS/SMB protocol on that particular device (NAS or remote server) and any possible shortcomings in that implementation. However, Boxifier is designed to work around these limitations so we will add handling for this scenario as well.

Thanks Bogdan. Been chatting with Razvan about it as well. I was able to sync the files by quitting and restarting dropbox. Also, just tested this now, and I added a folder locally and it synced right away. So something that stopped working rather than a general problem with the specific NAS/filesystem

I appear to be having the same problem. Boxifier says that a folder on my NAS drive is synced. It provides a shortcut in my local dropbox (as it should) but in my online Dropbox folder, there are no files/subfolders. I’m a bit puzzled. I’ve tried restarting Dropbox but no luck with that approach.

Same issue here. Win10 pro, Synology ds1010+ v5-2.5644, boxifier 1.0.23, dropbox 3.10.8. Unless I exit dropbox and start again, folders will not sync. Any update on this issue??

Hello. My name is Boris.
I have same problem.
We purchase Pro Boxifier version. and start sync two folders from server.
After week 130GB of 700GB synced and no more activity DropBox say Up to date.
I reinstall Boxifier and Dropbox and after scan files recive Up to date message in DropBox.
What wrong?
Thank You for future support.

Hi Boris,

Someone from our team has already contacted you about this in order to get more details.