My "Boxified" Dropbox indexes all 9,000+ files every time I boot up

I am an almost perfectly happy Boxifier user.

I have two hard drives. The “C” drive has the operating system and programs. The
"D" drive has data only. The point of my setup is that I want my primary “stuff” somewhere I can access it EVEN IF MY INTERNET CONNECTION GOES DOWN - not to mention, given my of necessity slow Internet, it is easier, safer, and faster to back up my “D” (Secondary) drive straight
from my computer.

I am not happy that, EVERY TIME I boot up my Windows10 Gateway laptop, my “Boxified” Dropbox indexes all 9,000+ files. Takes 10-15 minutes.Is this AN INESCAPABLE ARTIFACT of the way I choose to set things up with Boxifier in the loop??? Is there, in fact, a better way to set things up that will accomplish the goal I set forth above?

Thanks in advance

Hi Jeff,

Do any events show up in the Events section on at ( after you boot up your computer and Dropbox finishes indexing? This might be related to some files being modified.

Nothing shows up beyond the relatively few, specific actions I take (e.g., deleting, adding, modifying files.

(I prepped a jpeg/screenshot to show this but couldn’t see a way to attach it here. I don’t think it would communicate anything more than what I just said, above, but you never know . . . :))