Multiple folders


Is it possible to sync more that one folder to dropbox or do I have to put all the files I want to sync in the same folder? I have a license.



You can sync multiple folders to Dropbox using Boxifier. All the folders that you sync with Boxifier will be synced as subfolders of the Dropbox -> Boxifier folder in your Dropbox account.

Syncing to multiple locations in your Dropbox account is planned for the next major version of Boxifier.


Thanks for the response. How do you add folders to sync? Maybe I’m missing an online version of instructions that’s available. I’m currently syncing one folder, but don’t see an option to add others? Thanks,


You can add folders to sync either by dragging them to the Boxifier application window or by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer and choosing “Boxifier - Sync with Dropbox” from the context menu.