Migrating to new PC

Seems like this has been asked a few times, but I haven’t found an online answer. I’m migrating to a new PC with new add-on drives and NAS setup. I have all of my currently boxified files locally and plan to copy them to the new PC’s drives/NAS manually to avoid a big re-download from dropbox. However, what is the procedure for relinking (“reboxifying”?) my files? Does everything need to go back into the same paths that were originally used, or can I edit boxifier’s symlinks to point to new paths? Thanks!


I received the reply below (July 2015) in answer to a similar question…
‘As stated there (Bogdan), an update which makes re-linking easier should be released in the following days’
…Still waiting.

Gave up in the end and created new links.


Hi Keith,

Did you try installing the latest Boxifier (1.3.0) ? It contains the relink functionality.

After installing Dropbox on a new computer make sure that the Boxifier folder is checked in the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and all the subfolders are unchecked. Then you can go and right-click a folder to relink it. If the name matches an existing folder in your Dropbox then you will see a Relink button.

Do this for all folders that you want to relink.

Then, after you’ve right-clicked and clicked Relink for all those folders you can go to the Selective Sync settings in Dropbox and check them so they start syncing with the folders outside of Dropbox. That’s all you need to do.

Sounds great, this is basically what I was going to try but have been waiting to hear back first. Thanks for the online support, and a very handy product. I just hope dropbox doesn’t incorporate your features into its core without you and snub you guys out!