Merging of folders on Dropbox

Hi all,

I am currently thinking of upgrading to Boxifier plus, but before that I have a question:

Basically I sync my complete dropbox to my laptop except two large folders (200GB), which I wish to sync with my external harddrive. So the idea is to use selective sync to sync all folders except the two mentioned folders with my laptop. I would then move the two folders to the boxifier folder on dropbox. Now, I dont wish to simply link two new empty folders on my external harddrive to boxifier and download the full 200 gb. Rather, I already have a somewhat older version of the two folders on the external harddrive. I would want to link these to boxifier. Would it then be possible that these folders are merged in a similar way that dropbox does it, i.e. update those files on the harddrive that are older than the versions on dropbox and only download files not existing on the external harddrive?
If yes, how would I need to go about this?

Thanks for the help!

Was I not clear enough or is this simply not the way Boxifier is supposed to work?

Hi there,

If you try moving those folders to the Boxifier folder using the Dropbox web interface, does it work? Sometimes Dropbox won’t allow this for very large folders.